The volunteering activities, as expression of involvement, solidarity and civil responsibility, are legally regulated by the Law no. 78 / 2014 on the regulation of volunteering activity in Romania.

For detailed info, see the Law no. 78 / 2014 on the regulation of volunteering activity in Romania, available here.

Volunteering is carried out based on a contract concluded in writing, in Romanian language, between the volunteer and the host organization (SVUC Association), available here.

Beyond legislative aspects, the volunteering can become a life lesson, a modality to build and perfect the existence, a step forward for personal and professional development.
Moreover, by your activities and actions you can contribute significantly to the increase of life quality of children registered with SVUC Association. You will have the occasion to make a change on your way to see things and at the same time a change of consciousness. You will leave your mark on the community you live in, on society.

Whether or not you have experience in the volunteering area, regardless the professional area in which you activate (Human Resources, IT, legal, accounting-financial, administrative or another field), certainly, the abilities you have (administrative and organization abilities, communication abilities, coordination and leadership abilities, adaptability), will offer solutions so that your entire volunteering experience be full of satisfactions, and your acts bring a new sense in the life of children registered with SVUC Association.

To get involved in the volunteering activities means a lot more than offering your time resources, energy and knowledge. To get involved in volunteering activities means to become a model for the community you belong to, to bring your contribution to its welfare, to help a child who needs support, because each child we help is a human being we win.

If you want to support the activity of SVUC Association, join our team of active volunteers and motivated by the will to do good! Together we can give smiles!

Become SVUC volunteer! fill-in the form! (the fields marked by * are mandatory):

Within at the most 30 days after data reception, a member of the team of SVUC Association will contact you for the confirmation of information transmitted through the form and to schedule a knowledge discussion, before joining the team of SVUC volunteers.

You will fill-in THE SHEET OF SVUC VOLUNTEER with your personal data that will be used to prepare the volunteering contract. After the signature of the volunteering contract, you will be added to the Facebook group dedicated to SVUC volunteers.

Volunteering activities are carried out in more volunteering centers, under the direction of a volunteer coordinator.

The network of volunteering centers is in a continuous development. If you want to become a coordinator of SVUC volunteers in a city that is not mentioned on the list of centers, fill-in the form above and fill-in the box Remarks with the mention “SVUC VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR in the city …”

The coordinator of SVUC volunteers organizes and coordinates the activities of the volunteers within SVUC Association and permanently communicates and collaborates with programme and project managers in developing volunteering activities.

The coordinator of SVUC volunteers proposes, plans and organizes the programmes of orientation, integration in the team and training of the new SVUC volunteers, ensuring the process of monitoring and evaluation of SVUC volunteers, based on the reports prepared by project coordinators.

To be a SVUC volunteer coordinator it is necessary to fulfil the following requirements:

  • to have the minimum age of 18 years
  • to be available to allot approximately 10 hours/week for the fulfilment of responsibilities deriving from the programmes or projects managed
  • to have experience in the coordination of a team or management of a project (volunteering or professional, because we rely on your transferable abilities)