To be able to reach the objectives proposed, SVUC Association has built, wants to develop and to maintain a team united by the same values and acting guided by the same principles.

At this moment, the team of SVUC Association is composed of the following members:
Cătălin Chicioroagă – President / Founder
Cătălin Melinte – Vice President / Founder
Ciprian Gabriel Mardare – Secretary / Founder
Chicioroagă Ruxandra – Founder
Alina Florina Petre – Project Manager

The objective of SVUC Association is to create a team of specialists who identify the most appropriate medical solutions for each child, both by services provided in the country, as well as by services provided abroad.
We want to co-opt specialists from various sectors into the team of the Therapeutic Center, who provide all services necessary for a rehabilitation process, from initial evaluation to treatment and recovery.
We truly believe that a team that is united and inclined to the continuous development will contribute significantly to the creation, development and implementation of projects and activities of SVUC Association.

Cătălin Chicioroagă


Cătălin Melinte

Vice President/Founder

Ciprian Gabriel Mardare


Chicioroagă Ruxandra


Alina Florina Petre

Project Manager