Mission, vision, values

The mission of SVUC Association is to ensure to the children registered with SVUC Association rights and real opportunities, with a view to improving the personal life quality by a customised therapy complex, to contribute to the development of the civil society, offering them the support for a dignified life.

To be able to ensure the best medical solution for the children, SVUC Association proposed to build a multidisciplinary Therapeutic Center, where children can access all therapies necessary for rehabilitation, avoiding thus the movement to different locations for each particular therapy module:

  • swimming
  • kinesitherapy
  • sensorial integration therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • various therapeutic methods and complementary techniques (therapeutic massage, stretching, elongations, and thermotherapy).

The vision of SVUC Association is to build and develop a community where disabled children live a dignified life.

We truly believe in mutual support and unconditioned acceptance from community.

We truly believe in the power of relationships that are established between people who find sense in the actions of granting support to those who need help.

We are fighting to sustain the progress of children and we support them in discovering the recovery forces they are endowed with.

The values of SVUC Association:

eequality of chances, personal dignity, solidarity, responsibility, respect and empathy, tolerance, trust,  unconditioned acceptance, integrity.