Donate for the Therapeutic Center

Donate for the Therapeutic Center and help us provide the access for disabled children to therapies that are absolutely necessary for the improvement of life quality. The therapies cover all possible forms: swimming, kinesitherapy, sensorial integration therapy, occupational therapy, various therapeutic methods and complementary techniques (therapeutic massage, stretching, elongations, and thermotherapy).

Help us put brick over brick to build a multidisciplinary Therapeutic Center, where children with neuromotor disorders can access all therapies necessary for recovery, avoiding thus the movement to different locations for each particular therapy module.

We want to co-opt in the team of the Therapeutic Center specialists eager to progress professionally, who provide all services necessary for a rehabilitation process, from initial evaluation to treatment and recovery, both within the Therapeutic Center, but also in collaboration with diagnostic, treatment and recovery clinics within the country, but also at an international level.

We would like to provide the access to various therapy sessions for a number of at least 30-50 children, on a daily basis, with an integrated approach, which offers all the rehabilitation process presupposes.

Each donation, each helping hand makes us happy and helps us. With a lot of commitment and love from you, we could bring smiles on children’s faces!

Donate online!

This is the most rapid and cheap payment method allowing you recurrent payment. “By enabling the recurrent payment, you can allow the operator to automatically debit your bank card by the amount chosen. You can select one of the options predefined below, or you can choose another amount you that you can support monthly for the donation – in the last field from the right side. You can renounce at any moment to automatic processing of recurrent payments.

Help by bank transfer!

RON: RO60 RNCB 0078 1704 2264 0009, deschis la Banca Comercială Română
EUR: RO33 RNCB 0078 1704 2264 0010, deschis la Banca Comercială Română
Tax registration code 44619301
Registration no. with Register of Associations and Foundations 83 / 07.07.2021
Payment details: donation for Therapeutic Center

Help by filling-in the form 230, to redirect 3.5 % of the tax on salary income or taxable pension!

The forms can be filled-in and submitted at ANAF until May 25 of each year, to redirect the withheld tax in the previous year.

*According to the new Tax Code, directing the amount representing up to 3.5% of the tax on the income earned can be made to the same beneficiary for a period of 2 years (checkmark in section II, point 2) and it can be renewed after the expiry of the said period)

The form can be filled-in in two modalities:

Modality 1:
Step 2: fill-in the identification data in section I and sign in the box „taxpayer’s signature” at the end of section III (the data of SVUC Association are already filled-in)
Step 3: send the filled-in and signed form to SVUC Association, in .pdf / scan format by email to, until May 20. The President of SVUC Association will submit the form to ANAF based on a centralized register.

The form can be submitted also by ANAF online service – Virtual Private Space, if you have electronic signature.

Modality 2: FILL-IN ONLINE

Fill-in, sign and submit the form 230 online, in one minute. Have you filled-in and signed directly on the screen? After pressing the button GENERATE.PDF, by a pop-up message, you can download form 230 in PDF/image format, which you can thereafter send to the email address of SVUC Association:

If you want to be more generous, you can convince your friends and relatives to fill-in the form 230 for SVUC Association. Each gesture matters! Collect as more forms 230 possible, then send us a message on the email address of SVUC Association – – and a member of the team of SVUC Association will contact you to establish the modality in which you can send us the filled-in forms, if the friends and relatives cannot fill-in the form online.

Help me by a sponsorship! (for legal persons, through a sponsorship contract)

The procedure is simple and without additional costs, the amount being fiscally deductible according to legislation.

Pasul 2: fill-in the company’s identification data, as well as the amount being object of the sponsorship contract
Pasul 3: send the sponsorship contract filled-in and signed, in pdf/scan format by email to
Pasul 4: make the payment to SVUC Association

For more info, see the section from the website dedicated to Sponsorships, HERE.