The aim of SVUC Association is to ensure the care and increase of life quality of disabled children, by the development of some specialised services provided by specialists, focused on their profile, adapted to community needs, accessible and easily understandable by the beneficiaries.

Main objectives of SVUC Association

1. Provision and promotion of access to resources, rights and services necessary for medical rehabilitation of children registered with SVUC Association.
2. Guarantee of those necessary for the children registered with SVUC Association, for and with a view to providing the financial support for their medical treatment and rehabilitation, for a life level adapted to special needs.
3. As a long-term objective, SVUC Association proposed to build a multidisciplinary Therapeutic Center where children can access all therapies necessary for rehabilitation, avoiding thus the movement to different locations for each particular therapy module (swimming, kinesitherapy, sensorial integration therapy, occupational therapy, various therapeutic methods and complementary techniques – therapeutic massage, stretching, elongations, and thermotherapy).
4. Promotion of care of disabled children.

5. Provision of socio-medical, recovery and rehabilitation services for disabled children, for the prevention of institutionalization and abandonment of children, as well as the guarantee and promotion of equality of chances and access to education for children from socio-economically disadvantaged environments, children with socio-scholar adaptation disorders and disabled children.
6. Development and provision of information, training and counselling services for parents, for their support in the comprehension and exercise of roles in children’s education and care.
7. Promotion of volunteering and social responsibility with a view to increasing the implication degree of members of local community in the resolution of problems faced by vulnerable groups, , as well as the promotion and development of durable partnerships, based on the needs and expectancies of beneficiaries and partners.
8. The development of social support networks and increase of the capacity to identify, work and extend their support to meet the beneficiary’s needs.

The principles underlying the activity of SVUC Association:

The principle of equality of chances, equal treatment and non-discrimination

The principle of equal participation, self-determination, autonomy, and personal dignity

The principle of respect and promotion of the superior interest of the child

The principle of confidentiality and professional ethics

The principle of solidarity, the principle of person’s uniqueness